Dots and Loops: Animation Open Studio

Wonder'neath Art Society 2891 Isleville Street, Halifax (above Russell Foods) Friday May 3 2-4:30PM & 5-7PM Saturday May 4 2-4:30PM & 5-7PM FREE All ages Supplies and equipment provided!

Led by North End Halifax artists Becka Barker and Jessica Winton. The Animation Festival of Halifax teams up with Wonder'neath in the North End of Halifax to present four hands-on animation events over two days. Join us at the Wonder'neath Open Studio to learn about basic principles of classical and replacement animation as you create your own simple animated loop! At the end of each session we will connect all the loops together to exhibit them at the official AFX Festival Lounge! Wonder'neath Open Studio thanks the 4Cs Foundation for their generous assistance in keeping these events FREE and open to the public.

Collaborative Story Development Workshop With Dylan Edwards

Carbon Arc Cinema- Boardroom Friday May 10 11AM-4:30PM Lunch Break 1-2:30PM FREE Registration Required

How is a story created? It’s common to get lost in the weeds when bringing an image from your mind into the real world and capturing it on the page. Anyone can have an idea - the real work is in the execution. Developing a story from concept into a complete narrative is a big job and making it good is even more challenging. A tried and true method for crafting excellent stories is the writer’s room, where many minds work together.

In this workshop we will work in groups to create a fully-realized story outline from a rough concept. Participants don’t need to prepare anything and all supplies will be provided. The only thing you need is an active mind and a collaborative spirit.

Dylan Edwards, Independent Animator and Head of Development at Copernicus Studios

Cameraless Animation With Steven Woloshen

Carbon Arc Cinema in The Museum of Natural History Boardroom 1747 Summer Street, Halifax Saturday May 11 NOON-2PM $10 | Registration Required

If you want to create like a painter and a filmmaker, here's a great opportunity to make your own 35mm animated or experimental film without a camera and without processing film. Both Norman McLaren and Len Lye explored this technique in the 1930s and almost 80 years later, it still continuously surprises audiences.

In this workshop led by Steven Woloshen, we will explore the multiple techniques of cameraless filmmaking and discover new ones along the way. Participants are encouraged to choose materials and tools that work effectively, then scratch, paint and collage directly on to the surface of clear leader, black leader or previously shot material. We also look at popular methods of synchronizing soundtracks and digitizing hand-made films, too.

For more than 30 years Steven Woloshen has passionately created over 50 award-winning, abstract films and time-based installations for festivals, galleries and museums.

Big Picture Panel: Working Conditions of Independent Animators

Presenting Sponsor: Mayworks Halifax Festival of Working People & the Arts Carbon Arc Cinema- Theater Saturday May 11 5-6PM FREE

What challenges do independent animators face finding funding for their work, conveying their visions to producers, and scrounging for the time needed to make films frame by frame? What supports are available from arts organizations, and how can we put our heads together to improve living and working conditions? This panel features special guests Michael Fukushima, Executive Producer of the National Film Board’s Animation Studio in Montreal; laura jeanne lefave, Program Officer at the Canada Council for the Arts, and award-winning independent animators Steven Woloshen and Sam Decoste.

Sam Decoste is an independent animator, curator, and educator who believes in the power of stories. This year Decoste is the curator and mentor of the four-person installation project entitled Under the Rug.

Michael Fukushima is the head of the National Film Board of Canada’s world-renowned Animation Studio, in Montreal. He has been making films since 1984, and joined the NFB Animation Studio in 1990.

In Conversation With Jessica Borutski

Presenting Sponsor: Telefilm Canada Carbon Arc Cinema in The Museum of Natural History 1747 Summer Street, Halifax Saturday May 11 6:30-7:30PM FREE

Sit in on a conversation between Lynda Craigmyle and Jessica Borutski.

Working in the industry since 2003, Jessica Borutski had her start in animation at Spumco working on The New Ren and Stimpy. From there she ventured to the East Coast and worked with Collideascope and Copernicus on various projects from music videos to television series. Soon after she created her own short film entitled I Like Pandas. This earned Jessica the Frederator Flash Film of the Year Award. Fuel Industries, an adver-gaming agency hired Borutski in 2005. She art directed many projects there and worked with clients such as Kraft Foods, Johnson & Johnson and McDonald's creating beautiful immersive online gaming. The popularity of her short film earned her notice from Warner Brothers. She was approached by them to re-design the Looney Tunes, and from there went on to direct the Merrie Melodies part of the show. She also re-imagined Bugs and the gang again for the Wabbit series, which evolved into The New Looney Tunes Show. Jessica went on to work on many of the Warner Brothers legacy properties. One DC Nation Short featuring Shazam entitled Wisdom that she produced was nominated for an Emmy. She also produced the series Bunnicula for Cartoon Network International. Today Nickelodeon is her home and she is Supervising Director on Loud House.

Lynda Craigmyle is a producer at IoM Media Ventures Inc., formally DHX Media. She has 20+ years experience as a Supervising Producer, Animation Producer, Line Producer and Production Manager, for series and feature length animation.

Animation Circus

Location Halifax Circus in St. Matthew's United Church 1479 Barrington Street at Spring Garden Road Saturday, May 26, 2-6pm $15

Led by Kristen Langille-Dahl with Jenna Marks

Animation is the art of movement. What is the best way to study movement? By moving! This workshop is for animators and artists alike. Break the mold of your practice by joining local actress and circus freakette, Kristin Langille-Dahl in a hands-on workshop. To kick off the day, Kristin will lead a basic circus workshop, followed by a figure drawing session of those same dynamic possess. Come experience the real boundaries of human movement and balance in Animation Circus.

A light lunch will be provided. Bring your own drawing supplies! Something to drink out of is also suggested.